6-Pack Gift Certificate

$ 75.00

Want to allow your gift recipient to choose their own flavors and ship date? Choose our 6-pack gift certificate!

The certificate can be redeemed for a home-shipping 6-Pack of Pints package with the flavors and delivery date of their choosing. The price includes all shipping costs.

When you add to the cart, choose these options:

  • Gelato Recipient's State (where the gelato will eventually be sent):
    Choose the state of the person receiving the gift. This adjusts the price to accurately reflect the kind of shipping that will be necessary. The recipient must have it sent to this state (or a nearby state with the same shipping zone.)

  • Gift Certificate Delivery:
    Deliver to Me: We'll send you the gift certificate to put under the tree.
    Deliver to Recipient: We'll send the recipient the gift certificate directly. Feel free to put a message in the Notes area in the shopping cart.
  • Gelato Recipient's Last Name
    The last name of the person to whom you're giving the gift.

Once you start the checkout process, the Shipping Address should be for the address that you would like the Gift Certificate sent. The recipient will be able to provide their address for frozen gelato when they redeem their certificate.

Orders are typically sent every Monday; please place order by 10 a.m. on Monday to ship that Monday.