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Wooden Gelato Spoons: Set of 2

$ 14.99

Back for Christmas 2016!

This set of two wooden gelato spoons was carved by Brunswick-based woodworker Jason Weymouth special for Gelato Fiasco. Each spoon is hand-engraved with Gelato Fiasco's initials. A permanent addition to your kitchen for serving pints. Please use care to handwash with warm water only, please.

Spoons are sold as a set in our online store, with USPS shipping. Spoons are typically shipped on Mondays, but may ship sooner.

Size: 5" long and 1" wide.

About the Limited-Edition Spoon by Jason Weymouth

Jason Weymouth is a Brunswick-based woodworker who is known far and wide for his beautiful carved spoons. In the search for a more permanent version of our favorite gelato eating utensil - the iconic red spoon - we tasked Jason with creating a worthy replica. His efforts produced a sleek, comfortable spoon that makes us more excited than ever to pull a few pints out of the freezer after dinner.

Jason hand carves and engraves each wooden spoon in his Brunswick workshop. If we were Oprah, we would be calling them one of our new Favorite Things.

Check out the rest of Jason's work at carvedwoodenspoons.com.