Full MSMT Shipping Details

Pints are made to order, so they're only available to ship on specific days. You can choose Monday, July 11, or Monday, August 29, for the ship date. Packages arrive in 1 or 2 days after your selected ship date.

Your gelato will be securely packaged in a cooler with dry ice, and the box must be opened by the evening on the day that it arrives. Move the pints to your freezer, and they'll be good for months!

Shipping prices depend on destination state:

  • $13 shipping to Close to Maine states. Arrives in 1 to 2 days using UPS Ground. See the list of states below for the specific timing.
  • $60 shipping for other U.S. states. Arrives in 1 day with UPS Next Day Air Saver.

Packages must be opened and pints put in the freezer (or enjoyed) by dinnertime on the day they arrive. Gelato Fiasco cannot be responsible for melted pints that are put into a freezer after their arrival date.

If you're not home, the UPS driver is authorized to leave the box at your door without waiting for your signature.

´╗┐States eligible for Close to Maine shipping are: Maine (1 day), New Hampshire (1 day), Massachusetts (1 day), Vermont (1 day), Rhode Island (1 day), Connecticut (1 day), New York (2 day), Pennsylvania (2 day), New Jersey (2 day), Delaware (2 day), Maryland (2 day), Washington D.C. (2 day), Virginia (2 day), West Virginia (2 day), Ohio (2 day).