First Batch

First Batches of our 2018 pint flavors, including Sunken Treasure and Bourbon Butter Pecan, are now available for home shipping.
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Pumpkin Pie for Fall

Our Pumpkin Pie Gelato is now available for fall 2017. It's made with pumpkin, molasses, five spices, and gingersnap cookie crust pieces.

You can order today as part of a Custom 6-Pack of Pints.

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New 2017 Pint Flavors Released

Each year, we release new flavors as part of our pint selection. After six months of planning and lots of taste-tests at our Flavor Foundry and Maine stores, our newest pints are now shipping!

The new flavors are:

  • Mint Chocolate Chunk Gelato: Our take on the classic ice cream stand favorite, but far more dense, perfectly nuanced, and without any artificial colors or flavors. Just a dusting of the sea plant spirulina makes this flavor naturally green.
  • Strawberry Gelato: Simple and smooth, strawberries are combined with fresh cream base for a silky and fruity gelato.
  • Chocolate Raspberry Jam Gelato: What does a Maine black bear like better than a jar of housemade raspberry freezer jam? That jam swirled in a creamy chocolate gelato and studded with chocolate bar chunks, of course.
  • Sweet Resurgam Gelato: Named for Portland’s motto, which means, “I shall rise again,” this is a burnt sugar almond gelato with swirls of salted caramel and chocolate chips. The flavor has long been beloved by customers at Gelato Fiasco’s store in Portland; now pint customers can experience it, too.

All of our gelato pints are made with milk from Maine family dairy farms, natural cane sugar, and no artificial flavors, colors, or corn syrup. We produce our own gelato at our Flavor Foundry in Brunswick, Maine, and do not outsource production to a co-packer.

You can order today as part of a Custom 6-Pack of Pints.

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6-Pack Gift Certificate Kit

Let your recipient choose their own flavors and ship date with our new Gift Kits.

We'll give a classy Gift Kit with a redemption certificate, and they can redeem for a date of their choice. You can choose whether we mail that Gift Kit to the recipient, or provide it to you to put under the tree.

Learn more about the Gift Kit.

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MSMT Collection

Our flavors for Maine State Music Theatre's summer 2016 season are available for home shipping in a special collection.

Each year, we create a special recipe for each show at Maine State Music Theatre and offer that flavor for the run of the show at our Flagship Store in Brunswick. For the first time ever, these dramatic flavors are available for home shipping in a special collaboration with Maine State Music Theatre.

The batches will be made to order, so choose one of our two designated ship dates. Gelato Fiasco will donate a portion of proceeds from each purchase to Maine State Music Theatre.

This collection is a perfect way to extend the magic of MSMT's summer season with some of the most interesting recipes we've ever made, and it also makes a sublime gift for the people in your life who love music theatre.

To learn more and to purchase, click here.

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Ripe Mango Sorbetto

As featured in the August issue of O: The Oprah Magazine. Try it today as part of a Custom 6-Pack.

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