OPRAH MAGAZINE READERS: Looking for only one or two pints? Our Maine-made gelato is also available at thousands of grocers nationwide. Find the nearest by visiting our Grocery Store Map.

Flavor Descriptions

Check out our Pint Gallery at gelatofiasco.com for photos and more information, or use this handy guide to choose flavors as you place your order.

Caramel Sea Salt Gelato

We are of the opinion that rich Maine milk and pure sea salt make this classic blend of flavors perfect. See if you agree.

Chocolate Raspberry Jam Gelato
What does a Maine black bear like better than a jar of housemade raspberry freezer jam? That jam swirled in a creamy chocolate gelato and studded with chocolate bar chunks, of course.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Gelato
This combination of intense, dark chocolate, caramel, and sea salt offers the perfect balance.

Espresso Chip Gelato
We still pull hundreds of espresso shots each day to flavor our coffee gelato. This one is spangled with dark chocolate slivers.

Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato
Real vanilla seeds, released from their imported premium pods by hand, perfume this creamy indulgence.

Maine Wild Blueberry Crisp Gelato
Remember blueberry crisp with a scoop on top? We make ours with blueberries, crunchy oat streusel and vanilla gelato. Wow.

Mascarpone Pistachio Caramel Gelato

A customer suggestion that hit big time, this gem was inspired by the seductive, creamy filling found in Sicilian cannoli.

Mint Chocolate Chunk Gelato
Our take on the classic ice cream stand favorite, but far more dense, perfectly nuanced, and without any artificial colors or flavors.

Peanut Butter Stracciatella Gelato
This gelato takes the stellar combination of peanut butter and chocolate up a notch with freshly ground peanuts and sea salt.

Pumpkin Pie Gelato (Seasonal - Fall Only)
Imagine pumpkin pie with five spices, molasses, and a gingersnap crust. Factor in creamy gelato, and mix. Now taste!

Raspberry Truffle Sorbetto
Fresh raspberries with chunks of house-made chocolate truffles. Dairy-free.

Ripe Mango Sorbetto
We turn fragrant ripe mangoes into one of the world’s most seductive sorbetto flavors instead. Dairy-free.

Strawberry Gelato
There exists a land where all strawberries are juicy, plump, and irresistible. Where, you ask? Friend, it’s right inside this pint!

Sweet Resurgam Gelato
First beloved in our Portland store, this is a burnt sugar and almond gelato with chocolate slivers and salted caramel.

Torched Marshmallow S'More Gelato
A campfire classic: Graham cracker gelato accented with chunks of chocolate and home made toasted marshmallows.