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Flavor Descriptions

Check out our Pint Gallery at for photos and more information, or use this handy guide to choose flavors as you place your order.

All flavors available for ordering as part of a Custom 6-Pack:

A Big Ole Peanut Butter Pint Gelato
Maximum peanut butter density achieved with a salted creamy peanut butter base, a rippled peanut butter swirl, and peanut butter cups.

Caramel Sea Salt Gelato
Our traditional salted caramel.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Gelato
This combination of intense, dark chocolate, caramel, and sea salt offers the perfect balance.

Dark Chocolate Noir Sorbetto (Plant-Based Gelato) (Dairy-Free)
Our truly dense, dark, oh-my chocolate, chocolate sorbetto was created by Bruno in response to a pro chef ’s challenge. He still comes in regularly to buy it for his restaurant! We hope it will make you happy, too.

Deep Maine Woods Brownie Gelato
The deep woods of Maine are filled with mystery and wonder. Just like this pint: you’ll find a cherry-swirled black forest cake gelato with whipped cream, brownies, and chocolate shavings.

Double Caramel & Cookies Gelato
Twice the caramel is twice as nice. Smooth caramel gelato with an extra caramel swirl and double-chocolate cookies.

Doughing Me, Doughing You Gelato
Always be about add-ins! Chocolate-chip cookie dough, brownie dough, and peanut butter cookie dough: it’s the best we can do.

Espresso Chip Gelato
Coffee with stracciatella-style chocolate chips.

Maine Wild Blueberry Crisp Gelato
Remember blueberry crisp with a scoop on top? We make ours with blueberries, crunchy oat streusel and vanilla gelato. Wow.

Madgascar Vanilla Bean Gelato
Real vanilla beans perfume this creamy indulgence.

Mascarpone Pistachio Caramel Gelato

A customer suggestion that hit big time, this gem was inspired by the seductive, creamy filling found in Sicilian cannoli.

Mint Brookie, Brownie Cookie Gelato
Why choose between brownies and cookies when you can have both? Dense, perfectly nuanced mint gelato with chunks of brownies and an outrageously fudgy cookie swirl.

Nutterfluffer Gelato
Hear that? That’s the sound of a finely constructed peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich being squeezed into this pint!

Ripe Mango Sorbetto (Plant-Based Gelato) (Dairy-Free)
We turn fragrant ripe mangoes into one of the world’s most seductive sorbetto flavors instead. Dairy-free.

Sunken Treasure Gelato
Plunge the depths of brown butter gelato for salty pretzel bites, chocolate-covered bourbon butter orbs, and fudge swirl!

Torched Marshmallow S'More Gelato
A campfire classic: Marshmallow graham cracker gelato accented with a torched marshmallow swirl, graham cracker swirl, chunks of chocolate, and marshmallows.